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I started filming in 2014 making wedding videos, skits, short films, music videos and vlogs and all with little to zero budget. My director reel is below.

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Here is a 1-minute excerpt from a short film I directed titled “Who’s Asking?
I have been editing videos almost daily for over 5 years using Adobe Creative Cloud and that is what I use to edit my YouTube Videos:

Here is a recent video

I have created many promotional videos for companies and here are some:

A video about climate change for a prestigious Canadian University

A video for the top 10 largest church in Arizona

A video to promote a Canadian Entrepreneur

I produced music videos for local artists on my previous YouTube channel with under $100 budget:

Series intro video

Over 2 million views on YouTube, 23,000+ subscribers, countless mini-projects.

7 years of storytelling, creativity, and strategic work.

14+ hired gigs with a sprinkle of television work.

All while in university 🇨🇦

Thank you to all my friends and partners who believed in the vision enough to work with me. I love you guys.

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