Published on Jan 30, 2016

In this trailer we look at how the “The Pursuit of Happiness 2” will be like assuming we ever get one. Lets pretend these scenes are all from one Universe, nevertheless enjoy figuring out which movie each scene came from.

Chris Garner works hard after getting the job at Dean-Witter, he gets engrossed with work and begins to loose touch with his new wife and son. His pursuit for wealth drives him to a few wrong doings as his family breaks apart.
The question is what really brings happiness? The job and salary? Family and good health? Mankind keeps pursuing in this seemingly endless journey for satisfaction. The answer is up to you.

Will Smith
Jaden Smith
Tyler Perry
Alec Baldwin
Sharon leal

Peter Ojum

Peter Ojum



Published on Dec 29, 2015

Forget that you know these celebrities and see them temporarily as “actors”.
So we took scenes from your favorite Nigerian music videos to make this video. This trailer is based on a theoretical film and we hope that as you enjoy the trailer for what it is, you should have fun figuring out what music video each scene came from. Let us know what you think about this trailer assuming it is to become a real movie.
Olamide YBNL
Yemi Alade
Iceprince Zamani

It’s a trailer so don’t expect to understand the complete plot.
Thank you.