Peter Ojum is an Information Science and Arts major with a minor in Digital Arts. He has a strong background in multimedia design, WordPress web design and Python programming.

Peter is responsible for logistics, planning and organizing the different stages of the ShopBuddy website. He motivates and inspires a sense of shared purpose among the team members and monitors the progress toward the desired results. He is the reason why ShopBuddy exists (and he put the bear on our grocery items page).

Charlie Stancik is earning a dual-degree in Information Science & Technology and Communication.

Her programming background is primarily in Python, HTML, and R, and is actively learning as much as she can about PHP to build the web page successfully.

She has been working on creating pages for each grocery item with the standard prices and helping generate the item lists on our grocery items page.

Because Charlie is also a communication major, she has taken on completing the written assignments alongside our project manager, Peter. This is why our written documents and videos look so slick.

Stephen Kim brings a lot to the team as he is an Information Science and Technology
major working towards his MS in Information.

He has a background in web scraping and he is a section leader for ISTA 350. He was the reason for the existence of our standard prices pages.

He also contributed to testing the website before to ensure it is fully functioning, which is why you do not see pages full of errors.

Daniel Romandia is majoring in Information Science and Technology with a minor in Spanish.
Daniel has experience in data engineering, data analysis and object oriented programming. His main background is in Python, R and SQL and his focus lies primarily in the art of data science and databases.

He helped with Stephen in the development of the large catalog of grocery’s standard prices. Daniel also documented the tools and methods that we use to create the ShopBuddy website.

Mingzhen Lin has provided us with his extensive knowledge of Python coupled with
SQL and base software abilities. As an Information Science and Technology major with a minor
in Computer Science, he also brings some experience in low-level programming, C++, and Java to be specific. He used what he has learned through his coursework and outside
experiences to aid the back-end part of the website and was there to help fellow members in problems related to web development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With his knowledge of CSS, he is responsible for the implementing the common deals and live deals pages for half of our item list.

Tianxiang Zhu (Fred) is also an Information Science and Technology major who is
working towards a minor in Computer Science. He brings in experience with Python, PHP,
HTML, CSS and JavaScript which helped with the web development stage of this project. Additionally, Fred has some basic knowledge about SQL and database structure. He helped the group deal with design and web programming problems that came up along the way by using his language coding knowledge.

He took care of creating common deals and live deals pages for the other half of the item list. Plus, he also reminded Ming to do his job.