The Problem:

As students, we’ve all been under the pressure of a common issue: Grocery and Financial needs. For our senior capstone project, we’ve decided to take this problem and tackle it directly. This project has brought a skillful team of students with a varied array of skills to produce and provide efficient solution of quality.

Data Gathering / Research stage:

With a clear problem at hand, the team came together to formulate a method and strategy to solve the issue. Throughout meetings, the team devised ideas to then be rapid prototyped for utility.

Next in our project, we moved onto the strategy for development:

  • Identification of tools, technologies and skills at our disposal.
  • Most efficient path to jumpstart our solution
  • Market research
  • Website and solution implementation stage
  • Debugging stage

Technologies and tools:

The path to the most efficient solution called for our own ready tools and skills and more. The team professionally adapted to new technologies and tools in order to produce the best quality solution. This called for an organized and planned series of smaller tasks to complete and grow our project, learning and, inline-code editing to tailor different tools to our project’s needs:

  • WordPress:
    • Open-source CMS platform
    • Developer networking
  • WP Plug-in architecture:
    • WP editor
    • WP Scraper Pro
    • Live web-scrapping
  • Coding Languages:
    • HTML & CSS

“””We should add pictures of the behind the scenes to add more weight to this page”””
-snippet form WP editing page?
-snippet from scraper add on?
-snippet from scraper code?