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Due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we have options below to ensure that you are taken care of as a priority.

Payment options:

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All values are in U.S Dollars.

Monthly Inquiries

You would be able to ask questions via email for 30 days with responses every 24-48 hours. We will give you personalized advice, guidance, and tips.


Best University for me

If you order this package we will read the description of what you want and give you the top 5 universities or colleges that fall within your parameters. Response time: 3 days.


Information on a University/City

For the city/town or university you want, we can provide information on : Tuition and living expenses Livability Demographics A large range of other specific pieces of information you may require. *limited to one location




Phone Call via google hangout

We keep the conversations limited to one hour due to the high volume of requests. We would need to see your questions via email first and schedule a time to talk.





After payment, you can input your inquiry here or contact us directly via email to begin.